DIY Dos and Donts

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Anytime there’s a long weekend, people crowd the home improvement stores to grab what they need for their next project. Some of these projects involve electricity, and, well, they really shouldn’t. Let’s go over what is perfectly safe to DIY, and what you should probably call an electrician for.


Keep in mind that this all depends on your comfort level, and literally any project can be done by an electrician (but maybe change lightbulbs yourself).


DIY - A New Light Fixture


Maybe you want to get rid of the builder-grade flush mount lights in your home, or maybe the people you bought your house from had a penchant for chandeliers that you don’t share. Regardless, switching out a fixture for one of a similar type is easy. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and turn off the power to the affected area of the home first.


DIY - Install a Ceiling Fan


This is one step up from swapping out a light fixture but relatively easy as long as you feel you understand the steps. You might need to get up into the attic for this one. Make sure the box is wired correctly and secured and you’re good to go.


Pro - Wiring


Installing new wiring should really be left to a professional. It’s so easy to miswire something or overload a circuit and put your safety at risk. (My grandpa was known for his DIY wiring projects and also known for the massive fire that burned down his finished garage). In addition to staying safe, hiring a pro also keeps you up to code and prevents problems down the line when you sell your home.


Pro - Anything that Seems Wrong


Whether it’s a burned out outlet, a weird noise in the wall, or anything weird with the circuit breaker, if you suspect a problem it’s best to call an electrician. You’re starting at a deficit here, and you don’t want to risk injury or making it worse.


We’re here for your projects, big or small, but know that some of you like to DIY what you can. That’s great, but remember to leave the scary stuff for us. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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