How to Prep Your Home for an Extended Absence

How to Prep Your Home for an Extended Absence - Image 1


Back to school sales are starting, which means we’re entering the home stretch of summer. If you have a big vacation planned, or even just plan to get a few more weekends away before you get back to your routine, there are a few things you should do to make sure your home is safe and you won’t come home to a huge electric bill.


Set Your Thermostat


Keeping your home at a steady temperature uses less energy than cycling through letting it warm up and cool down. Every degree you raise your thermostat can save you about 5% on your electricity bill, and a good rule of thumb is to set it four degrees higher than you would if you were home. If you have an app-controlled smart thermostat, set it to cool back down on your way home.


Unplug Appliances


Just turning them off isn’t enough; not only do plugged in appliances still draw energy, but they’re still a fire risk. Minimize risk while you’re away by unplugging anything that isn’t essential.


Close Down the House


Make sure all of your windows are closed with the shades drawn, but keep interior doors open to encourage air flow and let your HVAC system work efficiently.


Put Lights on Timers


Keep your home and belongings safe from any would-be burglars by setting indoor and outdoor lights to go on and off on a timer. Randomize the times and which lights to make it seem like someone is home. (If you’re very concerned about safety, talk to us about a security system).


When you go on vacation, you shouldn’t worry about what’s happening at home. A few simple tasks can make that possible. And if something needs attention before you leave home for a while, call us!


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