2 Spooky Electricity Noises and What They Mean

2 Spooky Electricity Noises and What They Mean - Image 1

Leaves rustling, witches cackling, the horns from the beginning of Thriller - there are all kinds of spooky noises we’re used to as Halloween approaches. But what happens when you hear something new - in your walls? It’s unlikely to be a ghost or something else nefarious, but there could be a problem with your electricity. Here are the two most common noises and what they mean.


Loud Buzzing


We say loud buzzing because electricity generally makes a little bit of noise. But if it’s loud enough to notice, that’s a sign something could be wrong. What exactly is wrong and how dangerous of a problem it is depends on where the buzzing is coming from.


If you hear buzzing, try to track it down. If it’s coming from a light, check the bulbs for proper installation and type. Appliance? Unplug it and don’t plug anything else into that outlet until it’s been checked out. If the buzzing is coming from your electrical panel, DO NOT touch it - call us ASAP. Touching a possibly malfunctioning panel can be really dangerous and you could be injured.


Another time to call an electrician quickly is if the buzzing seems to be coming from within the walls - this can mean there’s something wrong with your wiring.


Absolute Silence


We said earlier that electricity makes a little noise in general, but that noise is pretty unnoticeable and just background white noise. What you WILL notice is when it’s suddenly gone. If you find yourself in eerie silence that could rival A Quiet Place, you’ve likely lost power.


When this happens, check your panel. If there’s a blown fuse or breaker, you can flip it back on and everything should go back to normal. If the panel is fine, you’re likely looking at a more widespread outage and you’re in the electric company’s hands. Time to play Candy Crush until your phone dies.


When it comes to electricity, the spookiest noises are anything you notice - whether they’re too loud or too quiet. So if something seems off, call us and we’ll help get everything back to normal.


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