Buzzing Outlets? Here's Why

Buzzing Outlets? Here\'s Why - Image 1


Does it sound like you have bees in your walls? Maybe you do (it’s not that uncommon) but another likely culprit is a buzzing electrical outlet. The reasons behind the buzzing can be dangerous, but they’re usually a pretty easy fix. Let’s look at the two most common reasons your outlets are buzzing and what we can do to help you.


Weather Changes


If your house is older, there’s a good chance that the outlets are made of some materials that expand and contract with temperature changes. This time of year it’s especially common to see components contract as cold air moves through the walls. Over time, like the years of season changes in a home, this process can make the connections come loose. 


The best way to tackle weather related connection issues is to have an electrician come out and replace worn components with more modern temperature resistant options that maintain shape no matter the weather.


Improper Installation


Whether your dad DIYed a new outlet or the builder had an off day, sometimes an outlet can just be installed badly. Whether it’s a matter of loose connections, miswiring, or the components being poorly secured, an improperly installed outlet can be dangerous and result in anything from electric shock to a fire,


No matter what the cause of a buzzing outlet is, it’s important to get it resolved quickly. If you notice buzzing, stop using the outlet, pay attention for any smells that indicate electrical fire, and call an electrician to get your outlets in shape and safe to use.

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