4 Ways to Prep for Winter Power Outages

4 Ways to Prep for Winter Power Outages - Image 1

Power outages are never convenient, but a power outage in the winter is especially difficult. Midwest snowstorms can be brutal, but a little bit of preparation can go a long way. Nonperishable food and blankets are a given, but there are some small ways to make yourself comfortable you might not have thought of. Here are three things you can do to get ready, and one thing we can do for you.


Have Lights - and Batteries!


Candles can be romantic but they aren’t great at actually producing light - especially in the winter when it’s dark by 6pm. Get a few battery powered lanterns and flashlights and stash them somewhere easy to access in the dark. And don’t forget at least two sets of batteries for each!


Keep Power Banks Ready


Power banks - portable chargers that fit in your pocket and give your phones and other devices a few rounds of full charge - are incredibly convenient. But make sure you keep them charged, or they’ll be useless. 


Entertainment, Unplugged


If the power goes out for more than a few hours, you might be at risk for boredom quickly. No power means no wifi, and if you have young kids or just a tech addiction, you’ll need something to do. Keep a stash of age appropriate activities, whether it’s coloring books or board games and books, for plenty of unplugged fun.


What We Suggest


A whole home generator can make winter power outages a worry of the past. A generator will keep your lights on and your house online, and your biggest problem will be that there’s still nothing good on tv. We install whole home generators throughout Michigan and can propose a system designed for the size of your house and your family’s unique electrical needs. Call today to schedule a free estimate and don’t give winter storms a second thought.

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