Whole Home Generators: Like It Never Even Happened

Whole Home Generators: Like It Never Even Happened - Image 1

You’d like a generator to protect your family when the power goes out. But what exactly is a whole home generator? And do you really need one?

The answer is “yes” if you want to keep your house completely powered up including appliances, lights, medical equipment, air conditioning, electronics, security systems, and more.

A whole home generator even takes care of things when you’re away. It senses when your home’s power is interrupted and automatically restores it within a few seconds. When the electricity comes back on, the generator shuts down and goes back to standby mode.

Unlike the portable generators available at most big box stores, you don’t need to fumble around in the dark, haul it out of the garage, fill it with gasoline, run extension cords, or hook it up. You also don’t need to be selective about which things in your home you use. (It’s 85 degrees inside! Do you want to keep the food from spoiling or use the air conditioner?)

Whole home generators run on natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. With natural gas, you have an unlimited supply from your utility company. In addition, whole home generators add value to your property and are quieter than portable models. With proper maintenance, they can last for decades.

Grand Bay Electric installs whole home generators throughout Michigan and will recommend a system designed specifically for your home and your family’s needs. When the power goes out, it will be like it never even happened!

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