Don't Take Chances with Your Home's Electrical

Don\'t Take Chances with Your Home\'s Electrical - Image 1

Some electrical issues are just annoying, while others are dangerous. And when random things go wrong, it feels like you’re playing a game of chance with your home.

Grand Bay Electric can help ease your mind. We offer a wide range of electrical expertise, from emergency repairs to troubleshooting to additions and upgrades. Even if you’re not ready to tackle everything, you should always be on the lookout for these irritating symptoms of serious problems.

Tripped circuit breakers
This commonly happens when outlets are overloaded. If you need an extension cord or power strip to plug in everything, chances are there’s too much power coming through a single outlet. The solution is often to install more outlets and, in some cases, an additional circuit.

It’s important to note that extension cords are meant for temporary use only and should always be plugged into a fully functioning GCFI outlet. Power strips are also designed to be used in GCFI outlets. (GCFI, or ground fault circuit interrupters, inhibit electric shocks and fires by quickly interrupting the flow of electric current.)

Crowded electrical panel
Your home’s electrical panel was designed to hold a limited number of circuits and is dangerous when it’s overloaded. The panel should also be covered. A jumble of wires going in all directions is a sure sign of a problem (not to mention how ugly it looks).

Power surges, sags, and dips
Since you can’t control power surges from storms, damaged lines, or other things outside your home, the professionals at Grand Bay recommend surge protectors to prevent harm to your family and expensive electronics.

Keep in mind that cheap electronics can sometimes cause surges. Cheap or faulty small appliances can also cause power sags and dips (temporary “brownouts”). The same thing can happen if you have too many large appliances plugged in at once.

Warm outlets or switches
Along with dim or flickering lights, electric shocks, and sizzling or buzzing sounds, warm outlets and switches are signs of potential fire hazards in your home. Any of these symptoms could be caused by faulty or outdated wiring and should be inspected by a professional sooner rather than later.

Our highly trained team is ready to help with all your home’s electrical needs. Call today for emergency services or a free estimate for your larger projects.

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