Why Won't a Tripped Circuit Breaker Turn Back On?

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A tripped circuit is a warning from your home’s electrical system. It’s usually no big deal and you can simply reset the breaker. Other times, it indicates a serious problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Circuit breakers are safety mechanisms designed to automatically cut the power when an issue is detected. They protect electrical circuits from damage and help prevent fires. Possible causes of a tripped breaker that won’t turn back on include:

Overloaded outlets. Especially in older homes, there may not be enough outlets to handle the demands of modern living – and it’s important NOT to depend on power strips and extension cords that all pull power from the same circuit. If you do, the circuit will be stressed, and the breaker will trip.

Inadequate electrical service. Today’s high-wattage appliances and electronics use a lot of electricity, and there may not be enough power coming into the house to run them along with everything else. If a breaker trips every time you plug in your hair dryer or the microwave, you probably need to upgrade your service panel.

A short in the circuit. Shorts happen when a neutral wire comes in contact with a hot, electrified wire. This will cause the circuit breaker to trip, signaling you there’s a safety issue. 

Damaged wires. Electrical wires can be damaged by everything from hungry mice to accidentally hitting them with a drill while hanging a picture. The breaker is designed to trip when it senses an open or incomplete electrical connection.

Faulty ground. Occasionally, a three-pronged outlet gets disconnected from your home’s grounding system. If the breaker didn’t switch off and something went wrong, the resulting surge could damage sensitive electronics and even cause electrocution.

Bad switches or outlets. Like damaged wires or a faulty ground, bad terminals in switches and outlets can cause the breaker to trip and not reset.

Malfunctioning appliance or light fixture. An issue with a light fixture or appliance, like if it feels hot to the touch or sparks when it’s unplugged, might also be the reason for a tripped breaker.

If the circuit breakers in your home constantly need to be reset, or if the same individual circuit repeatedly goes off, it’s a signal that shouldn’t be ignored. This is especially true if you can’t identify the cause of the problem.

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