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Expert Electrical Services in Ingham County, MI

Residential & commercial electrical services in Ingham County

Grand Bay Electric is Ingham County, MI’s reliable provider of electrical services. The experts here at Grand Bay Electric are prepared to address your electrical problems, no matter the size. Whether your entire home needs to be wired or whether you require a service panel upgrade, we’ve got you covered. We even offer commercial electric and generator installation services.

We are committed to providing high-quality electrical solutions, as well as top-notch communication and customer service. You can count on us to get the job done!

Services we offer in Ingham County:

  • Residential Electric
  • Commercial Electric
  • Generator Installation
  • Generator Maintenance
  • and MORE! 

Reliable generator installation in Ingham County

It is not unusual for Michigan to experience weather conditions that result in power outages that can last for days, and sometimes even longer. Without a functional generator, you and your family will experience a variety of complications due to the outage. The best way to ensure business as usual at your home is to have a permanent generator installed.

With an appropriately sized home generator installed by Grand Bay Electric, you won’t have to worry about moving into a hotel or emptying your refrigerator when you lose power. A home generator comes to the rescue when a grid goes down, providing backup electrical power. We also offer preventative generator maintenance to keep your unit in tip-top shape.

Ready to get your own generator? Contact us today at 1-616-662-0364 or simply click below to schedule your free generator installation estimate. We are thrilled to serve Ingham County, MI.

Job Stories From Ingham County, MI
Installing Dedicated Circuits in East Lansing

Did you know that when you get a sump pump installed, it's important to also install a dedicated electrical circuit to run it? The power used when a sump pump kicks on can cause surges and trip breakers if it's sharing a circuit. We installed a new circuit as part of this East Lansing customer's waterproofing project.

Installing Dedicated Circuits in East Lansing - Photo 1Installing Dedicated Circuits in East Lansing - Photo 2
Circuit Installation for Mason, MI Crawl Space

Mike used Ayers to waterproof his crawlspace, but there was no circuits for the sump pump or dehumidifier. Our crew installed two 20 amp circuits for the home in no time.

Mike was grateful to have the systems up and running before the major storm a few days later. 

Circuit Installation for Mason, MI Crawl Space - Photo 1
Circuit Installation in East Lansing, MI Basement

Michele had Ayers come out to install a sump pump, but there was no electrical wiring. Our crew quickly installed three 20 amp circuits for the system so the rest of the waterproofing job could be completed. Michele was grateful to be able to get her crawl space dry and under control before the big summer storms. 

Circuit Installation in East Lansing, MI Basement - Photo 1
Installation for 2 Circuits Becomes Installation for 8 Circuits

Heather's home was getting a new TripleSafe sump pump installed by Ayers Basement Systems, but first needed two 20 amp circuits installed. Our team at Grand Bay quickly installed them so the waterproofing job could proceed. While at her home, one of our electricians, Ethan, noticed that her basement only had one outlet in it. Luckily, we keep our trucks we take on site with us fully stocked. 

Ethan asked Heather if she would like us to add more outlets for her. She quickly agreed and was ecstatic, considering her husband works from home out of the basement. Heather was grateful for all Grand Bay did to take care of her home and was impressed with how much the crew cared about their customers. 

Generator Hook Up in Leslie, MI

Gayle just purchased a Generac generator from a dealer, but the electrician couldn't hook it up because he is an inspector for the area. She called Grand Bay Electric for a prompt electric hook up of the generator. 

Our Grand Bay electricians efficiently connected the generator to power  and Gayle was ecstatic to finally have a power back up!

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